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    Givenchy mascara - Make up Academy powered by Givenchy



    Seductive, full, dark, long lashes are every womans dream. You can draw additional attention to your eyes with the right tools in your hands. Here we have two Givenchy mascaras and it is up to you to choose your favorite one!


    Noir Couture    mascara is a must-have in the daily routine of doing your makeup, because of easy application and many benefits that your lashes have from special formula that was developed through advanced technology.





    The opulence of sensual volume. The interstices of the brush’s three spirals load the texture immediately, creating instant volume. The thickening effect is further
    amplified by the Copernicia extract contained in the formula. This plant-derived Brazilian wax generously coats the lashes to make them thicker, even after a single

    The grace of interminable length. The brush’s fibres vary in length in order to reach all lashes and extend them to infinity. Elastic and silky, a microcrystalline mineral
    wax intensifies this lengthening effect for an ultra-supple result.

    The allure of astonishing curve. The brush’s generous, rounded curves produce astounding curl, while the cera alba – purified beeswax with binding properties –
    ensures perfect hold for this audacious “set” of the lashes. givency-noir-couture-wand



    Enriched with Lash Booster Expert Complex, an exclusive Givenchy complex of active ingredients, Noir Couture also truly nourishes the lashes.
    One of these active ingredients is oxazolidone, which acts like a lipid to protect and restructure the lashes. Energising and revitalising Artemia salina extract fortifies and
    stimulates the lashes. Even without makeup, the lashes radiate a more beautiful, healthy glow.


    The Noir Couture range includes two timeless shades No. 1 Black Satin - Eternal and magnetic and  No. 2 Brown Satin - Warm and enchanting.




    Phenomen'eyes mascara





    A revolutionary easy-to-apply mascara for perfect lash makeup…at 360 degrees! Thanks to its round original brush for a panoramic result. 

    Despite its appearance (brush is a little intimidating) its ease of use allows precise aplication to every single individual eyelash. With its textured curls and lifts lashes and fixes them.


    If you are wondering how to apply this mascara, read some tips below:

    1. Directed vertically upwards, the brush pushes on the root to separate the lashes and curl them


    2. Directed vertically downwards, the brush stretches the lashes


    3. Maintained horizontally, roll it onto the upper lashes like a blow-dry brush


    4. Tilted diagonally, combs from the roots the lashes situated in the corners of the eyes, even the thinnest



    Gently applies makeup to the lower lashes just after the upper lashes, without loading the brush and after


    having wiped off the excess texture on the neck of the tube.




    Have you tried Givenchy mascaras? Tell us your experience in the comments below!






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